08 Nov 2023

Tripnotes Review: Does it Really Simplify Travel Planning?

Tripnotes Review: Does it Really Simplify Travel Planning?

When traveling, the creation of an itinerary ensures all must-see spots and attractions are visited, making the experience worthwhile. Despite the handy potential of such programs, are they all up to the task? Let's take a close look.

What is Tripnotes?

Tripnotes is an intelligent travel planner. Equipped with extensive travel data, it's designed to help you plan your trips down to the finest detail. With the mention of each place you plan to visit, Tripnotes automatically tags, maps, and researches, transforming your notes, texts, and tabs into smart notes complete with auto-mapping and helpful suggestions. Though the Tripnotes 2.0 version is soon to be released, we will, for the purpose of this review, focus on Tripnotes 1.0.

How does Tripnotes work?

Despite the end goal being common—effortless itinerary planning—the approaches can vary. Below is a breakdown of how Tripnotes tackles this task:

Intelligent Planning: Leveraging the best global travel data, the platform provides suggestions tailored to specific preferences and trip durations. By entering a destination, date, and a few other details, a robust itinerary is instantly created.

Customizing Capabilities: While automatic itineraries might meet the needs of some travelers, Tripnotes offers the ability to modify these plans through an interactive conversation with the AI. By engaging in a chat, you can add or remove activities to tailor the itinerary to your unique travel preferences and requirements.

Activities Suggestions: When it comes to fun and exploring, the system provides numerous suggestions ranging from nighttime activities and hiking trails to breweries and museums.

The Downside: Is Tripnotes Lacking?

Though Tripnotes brings a remarkable range of features to the table, it does have some limitations worthy of consideration. One key downside lies in its data sourcing. Tripnotes relies heavily on large language models to obtain information that powers its itinerary creation and suggestions. However, these AI models are trained on vast amounts of input data from across the internet, not all of which may be accurate or up-to-date.

Overall, Tripnotes brings intelligence and ease to planning travels. Its use of AI to create an itinerary, the opportunity for customization, and suggestions on activities make it a promising option. Be it for an occasional vacation or frequent travels, planning has never been easier.

A Worthy Alternative: Wonderplan

If you're looking for an alternative to Tripnotes, consider checking out Wonderplan. Though the philosophy underpinning Wonderplan's planning method varies from that of Tripnotes, it offers a suite of handy capabilities. These include the option to modify locations, the provision of mapped-out routes, and detailed customization features.

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