7 Days trip in Spain

Budget: 0 USD - 1500 USD Beach activities City sightseeing Nightlife Outdoor adventures
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Spain is a beautiful and diverse country with a rich history, vibrant culture, and friendly people. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, mountains, cities, and delicious cuisine.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Malaga Port

    120 minutes

    Go on a dolphin-watching boat trip and snorkeling in the crystal waters, explore the beautiful coast and sea caves

  2. Alcazaba of Malaga

    90 minutes

    Visit the Moorish fortress in the city and enjoy the stunning views and architecture

  3. Plaza de la Merced

    150 minutes

    Spend the evening in the lively square, enjoy tapas and drinks, and try zip-lining in the nearby park

Day 2

  1. La Malagueta Beach

    180 minutes

    Spend the morning relaxing on the beach, go for a swim in the sea, and rent a paddleboard to explore the coastline

  2. Museo Picasso Malaga

    120 minutes

    Visit the museum dedicated to the famous artist Pablo Picasso who was born in Malaga

  3. El Pimpi

    120 minutes

    Experience the local nightlife scene with a visit to El Pimpi, a famous bar and restaurant in the city center with a great selection of tapas and drinks

Day 3

  1. Caminito del Rey

    300 minutes

    Take a day trip to the famous King's Path and experience the breathtaking views as you walk along the cliff-side path and through the gorgeous countryside

  2. Teatro Cervantes de Malaga

    150 minutes

    Enjoy an evening at the famous theater in the city, watch a classic Spanish play and experience the culture of Malaga

Day 4

  1. La Concepcion Jardin Botanico-Historico de Malaga

    120 minutes

    Explore the beautiful and historic botanical garden, take a leisurely stroll among the exotic flora and fauna

  2. Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Malaga

    90 minutes

    Visit the glass and crystal museum and learn about the history, craft and artistry of the trade

  3. Bodega El Pimpi

    150 minutes

    Wind down the day with a visit to the famous wine bar owned by El Pimpi, sample local wines and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and ambiance

Day 5

  1. Malaga Cathedral

    90 minutes

    Visit the famous cathedral in the city, explore the Gothic architecture and art, and climb to the top for stunning views of the city

  2. Mercado Central de Atarazanas

    120 minutes

    Take a culinary tour of the city's main market, taste delicious local foods and drinks

  3. Cafe de Paris

    120 minutes

    End the day with an elegant and classy night at the famous Cafe de Paris, a vintage cafe and cocktail bar

Day 6

  1. Parque Natural de los Montes de Malaga

    300 minutes

    Take a day trip to the beautiful national park, hike or bike the scenic trails and see the natural beauty of the mountains and forests

  2. Batik Beach Club

    150 minutes

    Spend the evening at the famous beach club in nearby Torremolinos, relax on the beach, enjoy great music, food and drinks

Day 7

  1. Malaga Segway Tour

    120 minutes

    Experience an exciting and unique way to tour the city on a segway, see the iconic landmarks and attractions

  2. Playa de Burriana

    180 minutes

    Take a short day trip to the beautiful Burriana Beach in nearby Nerja, enjoy the sun, sand, sea and water activities

  3. Calle Larios

    150 minutes

    Finish the day by strolling down the popular main shopping street in the city, enjoy the lively atmosphere, shops, cafes and bars

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-20 USD per night
70-120 USD per night
30-60 USD per night


Local Bus
1-2 USD per trip
10-20 USD per trip
15-30 USD per trip


Street food
2-5 USD per meal
Casual Dining
10-20 USD per meal
Fine Dining
50-100 USD per meal


Visit Alcazaba Castle
3-5 USD (entrance fee)
Enjoy beach activities
Visit Picasso Museum
10-15 USD (entrance fee)

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