7 Days trip in Mexico

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Mexico is a diverse and culturally rich country with stunning natural beauty and a fascinating history. Its people and culture are renowned for their vibrancy and warmth.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to MXN
Mexico City
GMT -6
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Chichen Itza

    180 minutes

    Explore one of the most iconic Mayan ruins in the world and learn about the fascinating history and mythology behind this ancient site.

  2. Cenote Ik Kil

    120 minutes

    Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of this stunning cenote and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle.

  3. Ek Balam

    120 minutes

    Explore the lesser-known but equally impressive Mayan ruins of Ek Balam and marvel at the intricate carvings and imposing structures.

Day 2

  1. Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

    360 minutes

    Take a guided tour of the stunning Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve and witness the incredible diversity of flora and fauna in this protected environment.

  2. Tulum Ruins

    180 minutes

    Explore the picturesque Tulum Ruins and enjoy stunning ocean views from the top of the cliffs, followed by a dip in the clear waters of the nearby beach.

  3. Playa Paraiso

    120 minutes

    Relax on the white sand beach of Playa Paraiso and watch the sunset over the turquoise ocean, with a cold drink in hand.

Day 3

  1. Coba Ruins

    240 minutes

    Explore the sprawling Coba ruins on foot or by bicycle and climb the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan for stunning views of the surrounding jungle.

  2. Tulum Beach

    120 minutes

    Spend the afternoon soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear waters of the gorgeous Tulum Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world.

  3. Cenote Dos Ojos

    120 minutes

    Snorkel or scuba dive in the crystal-clear waters of the Cenote Dos Ojos and explore the underwater caves and tunnels of this spectacular natural wonder.

Day 4

  1. Isla Mujeres

    360 minutes

    Take a ferry to the beautiful Isla Mujeres and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun on one of the island's many beaches.

  2. MUSA Underwater Museum

    180 minutes

    Experience a unique art exhibit by snorkeling or diving in the MUSA Underwater Museum and marvel at the impressive sculptures and marine life.

  3. La Habichuela Sunset

    120 minutes

    Indulge in traditional Mexican cuisine and stunning sunset views at La Habichuela Sunset, a romantic and unforgettable dining experience.

Day 5

  1. Xcaret Eco Park

    480 minutes

    Spend the day at the incredible Xcaret Eco Park, where you can swim with dolphins, explore underground rivers, and learn about Mexican culture and history.

  2. Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida)

    180 minutes

    Stroll along the famous Fifth Avenue and shop for souvenirs, enjoy a cocktail at a rooftop bar, or sample street food from a local vendor.

Day 6

  1. Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve

    360 minutes

    Take a boat tour through the incredible Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve and spot flamingos, crocodiles, and other wildlife along the way.

  2. Las Coloradas

    120 minutes

    Visit the stunning pink salt lakes of Las Coloradas and snap some Instagram-worthy photos of this unique natural wonder.

  3. El Castillo de Tulum

    120 minutes

    End the day with a visit to the historic El Castillo de Tulum, located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and watch the sunset over the picturesque ruins.

Day 7

  1. Cenote Xkeken

    120 minutes

    Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Cenote Xkeken and admire the impressive stalactites and rock formations in this beautiful natural wonder.

  2. Izamal

    180 minutes

    Visit the beautiful yellow-painted town of Izamal and explore the impressive Franciscan convent and other historic landmarks in this charming colonial town.

  3. Merida

    240 minutes

    End your trip with a visit to the historic colonial city of Merida, where you can explore the impressive cathedral, museums, and other cultural landmarks.

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-25 per night
20-50 per night
Budget Hotel
30-60 per night


5-20 per trip depending on distance
Rental Car
30-75 per day
5-10 per trip within the city


Street Food
2-5 per meal
Local Restaurant
5-10 per meal
Fancy Restaurant
15-30 per meal


Chichen Itza Entrance Fee
Cenote Visit
5-20 depending on location
Wildlife Sanctuary Entrance Fee

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