5 Days trip in United States

Budget: 0 USD - 700 USD Cultural experiences Food exploration City sightseeing
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The United States is a federal republic located in North America, known for its diverse geography, history, and culture. It is a world superpower and a melting pot of cultures.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to USD
Washington, D.C.
GMT -0400 (Eastern Time Zone)
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

    120 minutes

    Stroll through the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace and enjoy street performances, food, and unique shops.

  2. North End

    90 minutes

    Indulge in the Italian heritage of Boston's 'Little Italy' with a food tour of the North End's famous restaurants and bakeries

  3. Boston Symphony Orchestra

    120 minutes

    Experience the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall, renowned for its superb acoustics and world-class musicians.

Day 2

  1. Freedom Trail

    180 minutes

    Follow the red-brick path through Boston's most historic sites, including Paul Revere's House and the Old North Church, on the Freedom Trail tour.

  2. Union Oyster House

    90 minutes

    Savor a classic New England seafood lunch at America's oldest restaurant, the Union Oyster House.

  3. Museum of Fine Arts

    120 minutes

    Explore one of the most comprehensive art collections in the world, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art, at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Day 3

  1. Harvard University

    120 minutes

    Take a self-guided tour of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, situated in the heart of Cambridge.

  2. Foodie's Market Tour

    180 minutes

    Sample the eclectic and globally-inspired food stalls at Boston's Foodie's Market during a guided market tour.

  3. Blue Man Group

    120 minutes

    Catch a performance by the Blue Man Group, a trio of enigmatic blue-painted performers who blend music, comedy, and technology into a one-of-a-kind show.

Day 4

  1. Boston Public Library

    120 minutes

    Wander through the stunning architecture and extensive collections of books, art, and artifacts at the Boston Public Library, a Beaux-Arts masterpiece.

  2. Samuel Adams Brewery

    120 minutes

    Tour Boston's famous brewery and sample a variety of seasonal and limited brews, crafted with the founder's original recipes and modern techniques.

  3. Boston Opera House

    180 minutes

    Immerse yourself in the grandeur and drama of an opera or ballet performance at Boston's iconic Opera House.

Day 5

  1. New England Aquarium

    240 minutes

    Marvel at marine life from around the world, including penguins, sea turtles, and giant ocean sunfish, at the New England Aquarium.

  2. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

    120 minutes

    Relive the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party in an immersive museum experience that features interactive exhibits, holographic projections, and historic reenactments.

  3. Dinner at Top of the Hub

    120 minutes

    Dine in style with panoramic views of Boston's skyline from the 52nd floor of the Prudential Tower, and indulge in classic dishes with a modern twist.

Estimated Cost (USD)


25-50 USD per night
70-150 USD per night
120-200 USD per night


2.40 USD per ticket
15-30 USD per ride
Free (if you have your own bike)


Street Food
5-10 USD per meal
Mid-Range Restaurant
15-30 USD per meal
Fine Dining
50-100 USD per meal


Museum Entrance Fee
10-25 USD per ticket
City Tour
20-40 USD per person
Aquarium Entrance Fee
30 USD per person

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