7 Days trip in Turkey

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Turkey is a transcontinental country with a rich history, diverse geography, and vibrant culture. It offers a mix of ancient ruins, stunning landscapes, and bustling modern cities. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey has something to offer every traveler.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to TRY
TRY 28.69
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Day 1

  1. Topkapi Palace

    180 minutes

    Explore the former residence of Ottoman Sultans and marvel at the opulent architecture and display of royal jewels.

  2. Grand Bazaar

    180 minutes

    Stroll through the world's oldest and largest covered markets to find unique souvenirs and traditional Turkish goods.

  3. Karaköy Gümrük Han

    180 minutes

    Taste traditional meze and sip on local raki as you enjoy the energetic atmosphere of Karaköy Gurme Han.

Day 2

  1. Blue Mosque

    120 minutes

    Admire the stunning architecture and intricate tilework of this iconic mosque, and learn about its rich history and significance.

  2. Bosphorus Cruise

    180 minutes

    Take a leisurely boat ride along the scenic Bosphorus Strait, with stunning views of the city's European and Asian sides.

  3. Taksim Square

    180 minutes

    Experience the bustling nightlife scene at Taksim Square, with a plethora of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from.

Day 3

  1. Hagia Sophia

    180 minutes

    Visit this iconic landmark and marvel at its massive dome and intricate mosaics, which have served as both a church and mosque throughout its history.

  2. Galata Tower

    120 minutes

    Head to the top of this medieval tower for panoramic views of the city and a glimpse into its history as a watchtower and prison.

  3. Nisantasi

    180 minutes

    Explore this upscale neighborhood known for its high-end shopping, gourmet restaurants, and chic nightlife scene.

Day 4

  1. Dolmabahçe Palace

    180 minutes

    Tour the grand palace which served as the home to the last sultans, with its ornate interiors and impressive crystal chandeliers.

  2. Istiklal Avenue

    240 minutes

    Walk along the lively pedestrian street full of shops, restaurants, cafes, and street performers, and try some local street food.

  3. Beyoglu

    240 minutes

    Experience the vibrant cultural scene of Beyoglu, with its live music venues, art galleries, trendy cafes, and rooftop bars.

Day 5

  1. Chora Church (Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora)

    180 minutes

    Marvel at the beautiful frescoes and mosaics in this stunning Byzantine church, known for its impressive artwork and intricate architecture.

  2. Tuncer Gift and Spice Shop

    120 minutes

    Stock up on unique spices, teas, and gifts at this popular shop known for its high-quality products and friendly service.

  3. Bebek

    240 minutes

    Experience the trendy, upscale neighborhood of Bebek, with its waterfront restaurants, bars, and cafes offering stunning views of the Bosphorus.

Day 6

  1. Süleymaniye Mosque

    120 minutes

    Visit this majestic mosque, the largest in Istanbul, and take in its impressive architecture and well-preserved historical features.

  2. Çukurcuma Antiques Market

    180 minutes

    Hunt for unique antiques and vintage finds at this charming market full of eclectic shops and one-of-a-kind treasures.

  3. Kadiköy Moda

    240 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife of Kadiköy Moda, known for its cozy bars, live music venues, and delicious street food.

Day 7

  1. Istanbul Modern

    180 minutes

    Explore the contemporary art exhibits showcasing Turkish and international artists at this cutting-edge museum on the waterfront.

  2. Kanyon Mall

    240 minutes

    Shop at one of Istanbul's most modern malls, with high-end designer stores, gourmet restaurants, and a large cinema complex.

  3. Beylerbeyi Palace

    180 minutes

    Take a tour of this beautiful Ottoman palace, with its ornate interiors and stunning Bosphorus views.

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-25 USD per night
Budget hotel
30-50 USD per night
Airbnb apartment
40-100 USD per night


Istanbulkart (public transportation card)
0.50 USD (per ride)
5-15 USD (depending on distance)
Private Airport Transfer
20-40 USD (per way)


Street food
2-5 USD (per meal)
Local restaurant
7-15 USD (per meal)
Upscale restaurant
25-50 USD (per meal)


Entrance fee for Hagia Sophia
15 USD (per person)
Istanbul City Tour
40 USD (per person)
Bosphorus Cruise with Dinner
70 USD (per person)

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