5 Days trip in Malta

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Malta is a small island nation with a rich history, beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, and warm climate. It is culturally diverse and known for its hospitality, food, and family values.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
CET (Central European Time) GMT+1
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Day 1

  1. Blue Lagoon

    120 minutes

    Take a boat out to the crystal clear waters of Blue Lagoon for a morning of swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

  2. Valletta

    180 minutes

    Spend the afternoon exploring the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta. Admire the stunning Baroque architecture, visit the Grandmaster’s Palace and discover Malta’s history at the National Museum of Archaeology.

  3. St. Julian's

    180 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife of Paceville in St. Julian’s. Enjoy a delicious local dinner before hitting the bars and clubs for a night of dancing and socializing.

Day 2

  1. Dingli Cliffs

    120 minutes

    Take a scenic hike along the stunning Dingli Cliffs, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Malta’s coast and countryside.

  2. Mdina

    180 minutes

    Visit the medieval walled city of Mdina for an afternoon of wandering through narrow streets and alleys, visiting the Cathedral of St. Paul, and enjoying a Maltese lunch in one of the charming cafes.

  3. Marsaxlokk

    120 minutes

    Head to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk to experience Malta’s vibrant local market, where you can try some fresh seafood and shop for souvenirs.

Day 3

  1. Gozo

    420 minutes

    Take a ferry to Gozo island and explore the stunning beaches, visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ggantija Temples, and see the unique Azure Window rock formation at Dwejra Bay.

  2. Bugibba

    180 minutes

    Enjoy a relaxing dinner by the sea in Bugibba, followed by a night out at one of the lively bars or clubs in the area.

Day 4

  1. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

    120 minutes

    Visit the prehistoric Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples to explore the rich history of Malta’s ancient civilization.

  2. Mellieha Beach

    180 minutes

    Spend the afternoon enjoying the sun, sand and sea at the picturesque Mellieha Beach.

  3. Sliema

    180 minutes

    Check out the local restaurants and bars of the chic coastal town of Sliema for a night out on the town.

Day 5

  1. Blue Grotto

    120 minutes

    Take a boat tour of the stunning Blue Grotto caves, where you can see Malta’s colorful marine life and sea cliffs from a unique perspective.

  2. Senglea

    180 minutes

    Explore the historic fortifications and harbor views of Senglea, one of the famous Three Cities of Malta.

  3. St. George's Bay

    180 minutes

    End your trip with a night out in the lively St. George's Bay, where you can enjoy dinner and drinks while surrounded by Malta's stunning coastline.

Estimated Cost (USD)


20-30 USD per night
70-100 USD per night
40-80 USD per night


Public Bus
2 USD per ride
15-20 USD per ride
Car rental
25-35 USD per day


Street Food
3-5 USD per meal
Local restaurants
10-20 USD per meal
Fine Dining
30-50 USD per meal


Entrance fee to historical sites and museums
5-10 USD per person
Boat tours and water activities
20-50 USD per person
Nightlife and Festivals events
10-30 USD per person

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