7 Days trip in Albania

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Albania, located in Southeastern Europe, offers a mix of stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. From beautiful beaches to breathtaking mountains, Albania has something for every traveler. With its warm hospitality and delicious cuisine, it's a country worth exploring.

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ALL 96
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Day 1

  1. Bunk'Art 2

    120 minutes

    Explore the massive underground bunker built during the communist era which now serves as a museum.

  2. Blloku District

    180 minutes

    Discover the trendy neighborhood of Blloku with its boutique shops, cafes, and lively bars.

  3. Lolita

    180 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife of Tirana at Lolita, a popular bar serving delicious cocktails and tasty small plates.

Day 2

  1. Dajti National Park

    240 minutes

    Take a cable car up to Dajti Mountain for stunning views of the city and a chance to hike or bike through the park.

  2. Durres Beach

    240 minutes

    Spend the afternoon relaxing on the beautiful Durres Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and soft sand.

  3. Fish House Kukum

    120 minutes

    Taste some of the freshest seafood in town at Fish House Kukum, located just steps from Durres Beach.

Day 3

  1. Museum of Archaeology

    120 minutes

    Discover the ancient ruins of Apollonia and its impressive collection of artifacts at the Museum of Archaeology.

  2. Dhermi Beach

    240 minutes

    Relax on the picturesque Dhermi Beach, surrounded by stunning cliffs and turquoise waters.

  3. Baron Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Sample some of the best Mediterranean cuisine in town at Baron Restaurant, overlooking the beautiful coast.

Day 4

  1. Butrint National Park

    240 minutes

    Discover the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its beautiful natural surroundings.

  2. Ksamil Beach

    240 minutes

    Escape to the peaceful Ksamil Beach, known for its clear waters and white sandy shores.

  3. Bar Piazza

    180 minutes

    Indulge in some delicious local cuisine and cocktails at Bar Piazza, a popular spot in the heart of Saranda.

Day 5

  1. Blue Eye

    120 minutes

    Marvel at the natural wonder of the Blue Eye, a stunning spring with crystal-clear blue water.

  2. Lungomare Beach

    240 minutes

    Spend the afternoon lounging on the beautiful Lungomare Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Vlore.

  3. Restoran Pulebardha

    120 minutes

    Taste traditional Albanian cuisine at Restoran Pulebardha, located just steps from Lungomare Beach.

Day 6

  1. Berat Castle

    120 minutes

    Explore the picturesque Berat Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its stunning views of the city.

  2. Osumi Canyon

    240 minutes

    Experience the natural beauty of Osumi Canyon, a breathtaking river gorge perfect for hiking and kayaking.

  3. Mangalemi Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Taste the best traditional Albanian cuisine at Mangalemi Restaurant, known for its cozy atmosphere and live music.

Day 7

  1. Gjiri i Lalzit

    240 minutes

    Spend the day relaxing on the pristine Gjiri i Lalzit Beach, known for its clear water and soft sand.

  2. Taulantia Hotel & Spa

    180 minutes

    Indulge in a luxurious spa treatment at Taulantia Hotel & Spa, overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

  3. Panorama Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Dine at Panorama Restaurant, offering breathtaking views of Tirana's skyline and delicious traditional cuisine.

Estimated Cost (USD)


8-15 USD per night
30-60 USD per night
20-40 USD per night


Public bus
0.25 USD per ride
5-10 USD per ride
Rental car
20-40 USD per day


Street food
1-3 USD per meal
Budget restaurant
5-10 USD per meal
Fancy restaurant
20-30 USD per meal


Museums and galleries
2-5 USD entrance fee
Beach activities
Free to 10 USD for water sports and equipment rental
10-20 USD for drinks and admission fees

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