7 Days trip in Bulgaria

Budget: 600 USD - 3000 USD Cultural experiences
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Bulgaria, located in Southeast Europe, offers a combination of stunning natural landscapes, a rich history, and a vibrant culture. From the sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast to the picturesque mountains, the country provides a diverse range of experiences. With its welcoming people, delicious cuisine, and historical sites, Bulgaria is a destination worth exploring.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to BGN
BGN 1.80
EET (Eastern European Time, GMT+2)
️ 8.18°C
Best Way to Get Around
Public buses

Day 1

  1. Russe Regional Historical Museum

    120 minutes

    Explore the history of Russe and Bulgaria through the artifacts and exhibits at the regional museum.

  2. Pantheon of National Revival Heroes

    90 minutes

    Pay your respects to the heroes of Bulgaria's national revival and venture inside the impressive neoclassical building.

  3. Terasa Orphey

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by live Bulgarian music in the cozy atmosphere of Terasa Orphey.

Day 2

  1. Danube riverfront

    60 minutes

    Take a walk along the picturesque Danube riverfront and enjoy the view of the river and cityscape.

  2. Baba Tonka Museum House

    90 minutes

    Step inside the house of one of the most famous Bulgarian women, Baba Tonka, and discover the life and customs of a wealthy Ruse family in the 19th century.

  3. Ivanovo Rock Monastery

    180 minutes

    Take a trip to the UNESCO protected Ivanovo Rock Monastery and marvel at the cave chapel frescoes and the beautiful nature surrounding the monastery.

Day 3

  1. Rousse Balkan Winery

    150 minutes

    Go on a wine tour and tasting at Rousse Balkan winery and learn about the history of Bulgarian winemaking while sampling some delicious local wines.

  2. Taevaskoja Waterfall

    180 minutes

    Venture to Taevaskoja Waterfall, set amidst the beautiful Estonian forest, and enjoy a peaceful hike and a picnic surrounded by natural beauty.

  3. Café The Green Cat

    120 minutes

    End the day with a cozy dinner and drinks at Café The Green Cat, a charming spot that's popular with locals.

Day 4

  1. Rusenski Lom Nature Park

    180 minutes

    Explore the beauty of Rusenski Lom Nature Park by taking a long and peaceful hike in this serene natural area.

  2. St. Dimitar Church

    60 minutes

    Visit the beautiful St. Dimitar church and admire the traditional Bulgarian architecture and ornaments.

  3. Restaurant Pri Chicho

    120 minutes

    Indulge in traditional Bulgarian cuisine at Restaurant Pri Chicho, a quaint eatery where you can enjoy local delicacies in a genuine and welcoming atmosphere.

Day 5

  1. Buzludzha Monument

    240 minutes

    Embark on a guided tour to this impressive abandoned communist monument and learn about its fascinating history.

  2. Kazanlak Thracian Tomb

    120 minutes

    Marvel at the intricate frescoes and architecture of the ancient Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  3. Restaurant Yellowcat

    120 minutes

    Experience the flavors of Bulgaria with a delicious dinner and refreshing drinks at Restaurant Yellowcat, a stylish and cozy spot in Kazanlak.

Day 6

  1. Madara Rider

    120 minutes

    Visit the unique rock-carved Madara Rider, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and admire the impressive sculpture from the 8th century.

  2. Shumen Fortress

    60 minutes

    Discover the history of the Shumen Fortress, from its Byzantine origins to its Ottoman-style architecture.

  3. Restaurant & Tavern Tarnovski Bulgar

    120 minutes

    End the day with a fantastic dinner at Restaurant & Tavern Tarnovski Bulgar, a place that specializes in Bulgarian dishes and has an authentic atmosphere.

Day 7

  1. Rila Monastery

    300 minutes

    Travel to the iconic Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest and most visited monastery in Bulgaria. Admire the intricate frescoes and architecture of the site, and learn more about the Eastern Orthodox religion.

  2. Sofia

    180 minutes

    Drive to the capital, Sofia, and take a walk through the charming city center. Discover some of its highlights, such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or Vitosha Boulevard.

  3. Made In Home

    120 minutes

    Finish the vacation with a memorable dinner at Made In Home, a trendy restaurant located in a beautifully restored house. Try their fusion cuisine and excellent cocktails.

Estimated Cost (USD)


8-20 per night
30-80 per night
20-100 per night


Public bus
0.25-0.50 per ride
0.50-1.00 per km
Rental Car
30-50 per day


Street food
1-3 per dish
Local restaurants
5-10 per meal
Fancy restaurants
20-50 per meal


Entrance fee to museums
1-5 per person
Walking tour
15-30 per person
Wine tasting tour
10-20 per person

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