7 Days trip in United Kingdom

Budget: 2650 USD - 3000 USD Outdoor adventures City sightseeing Food exploration
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The United Kingdom is a diverse and historic country located in Europe, known for its culture, art, and contributions to world affairs.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to GBP
Scottish Gaelic
️ 5.06°C
Best Way to Get Around
London Underground
National Rail

Day 1

  1. Hyde Park

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a morning stroll or bike ride through the beautiful and expansive Hyde Park. Take in the gorgeous views and breathe in fresh air.

  2. Borough Market

    180 minutes

    Satisfy your food cravings at Borough Market, with its impressive collection of food vendors and quality produce. You can taste everything from seafood to cheese and from coffee to pastries.

  3. The Shard

    120 minutes

    Experience the stunning views of the city from the top of The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset and capture some amazing pictures.

Day 2

  1. Hampton Court Palace

    240 minutes

    Visit the impressive Hampton Court Palace, which was once home to King Henry VIII. Explore the lavish apartments, magnificent gardens and the maze.

  2. Greenwich Park

    120 minutes

    Take a peaceful stroll through Greenwich Park, which offers beautiful views overlooking the Thames. You can also see the Royal Observatory here and the Prime Meridian, the line that separates the eastern and western hemispheres.

  3. Chinatown

    150 minutes

    Experience the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, with its unique flavours, aromas and vibrant atmosphere. Taste some traditional dumplings or try some exotic dishes from Southeast Asia.

Day 3

  1. Tower of London

    180 minutes

    Explore the Tower of London, a World Heritage Site and former royal palace which served as a fortress, prison and treasury. See the Crown Jewels, the ravens and the White Tower.

  2. Kew Gardens

    240 minutes

    Enjoy the tranquillity of Kew Gardens, one of the world's most famous botanical gardens. Walk along the treetop trail, visit the Palm House and explore the vast collection of plants and flowers.

  3. Brick Lane Market

    180 minutes

    Taste the diverse and exotic street food of Brick Lane Market, from Korean to Ethiopian dishes. Listen to live music and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Day 4

  1. Windsor Castle

    240 minutes

    Take a day trip from London to Windsor Castle, the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and the official residence of the Queen. Explore the State Apartments, St. George's Chapel and the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

  2. Regent's Park

    120 minutes

    Walk around the tranquil and picturesque Regent's Park, which is home to a wide range of attractions such as the London Zoo, the Open Air Theatre and the Queen Mary's Gardens.

  3. Covent Garden

    120 minutes

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant and historic district of Covent Garden, which offers a wide selection of unique restaurants, cafes and street food vendors. Try some international cuisine such as Italian, Indian or Mexican dishes.

Day 5

  1. The British Museum

    180 minutes

    Discover over 8 million objects from the ancient world at the British Museum, including the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and the Egyptian mummies.

  2. Richmond Park

    120 minutes

    Explore the spacious Richmond Park, which is home to over 600 free-roaming deer and stunning views of the Thames. Take a picnic, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

  3. South Bank

    180 minutes

    Chase your favourite foodie delights from street vendors along the South Bank, taking the opportunity to soak up views across the river Thames. Choose from patisseries, artisan food stalls or classic British dishes.

Day 6

  1. The National Gallery

    180 minutes

    Admire some of the world's finest collections of paintings at the National Gallery, which includes masterpieces by artists such as Van Gogh, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Turner and many others.

  2. Hampstead Heath

    120 minutes

    Explore the vast and enchanting landscape of Hampstead Heath, which offers stunning views over the city. Take a refreshing swim in one of the open-air swimming ponds.

  3. Camden Market

    180 minutes

    Treat your taste buds to a diverse range of cuisine at Camden Market. You can taste everything from craft beers to vegan food, from international street food to gourmet sweets.

Day 7

  1. St. Paul's Cathedral

    120 minutes

    Marvel at the remarkable architecture and history of St. Paul's Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks of London. Climb up to the Dome and see breathtaking views of the city.

  2. The Thames Path

    180 minutes

    Take a leisurely and scenic stroll along the Thames Path, which stretches for 184 miles alongside the river. You can see some notable landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, the Shard and the Tate Modern.

  3. Leicester Square

    180 minutes

    Round off your trip with a special dinner in Leicester Square, which has a wide selection of restaurants and cuisine options. Try some gourmet burgers, premium steaks or international food.

Estimated Cost (USD)


20-35 (price per night in USD)
Budget Hotel
70-120 (price per night in USD)
40-150 (price per night in USD)


London Underground
3-6 (estimated price per ride in USD)
Black Taxi
25-75 (estimated price per ride in USD)
15-45 (estimated price per ride in USD)


Street Food
5-10 (estimated price per meal in USD)
Pub Food
10-20 (estimated price per meal in USD)
Fine Dining
50-100 (estimated price per meal in USD)


Museum Entrance Fee
20-30 (estimated price in USD)
London Eye
25-50 (estimated price in USD)
Outdoor Adventure Tour
50-100 (estimated price in USD)

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