5 Days trip in Italy

Budget: 0 USD - 450 USD Beach activities Food exploration
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Italy is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, known for its art, architecture, fashion, and cuisine.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
️ 15.33°C
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Lido di Ostia

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a relaxing morning at the beach and try the local seafood at the nearby restaurants.

  2. Piazza Navona

    90 minutes

    Stroll around the beautiful square and taste some gelato at one of the famous gelateria nearby.

  3. Trastevere

    180 minutes

    Get lost in the charming alleys of Trastevere and enjoy some local wines and appetizers in a cozy bar.

Day 2

  1. Capri

    180 minutes

    Take a ferry to the beautiful island of Capri and relax on the beach while enjoying stunning views of the Mediterranean.

  2. Pompeii

    180 minutes

    Discover the fascinating ancient ruins of Pompeii with a knowledgeable guide.

  3. Naples

    120 minutes

    Taste the famous Neapolitan pizza in a cozy pizzeria and enjoy the lively nightlife in the historical center of Naples.

Day 3

  1. Cinque Terre

    300 minutes

    Hike the scenic trails of Cinque Terre and admire the colorful fishing villages and breathtaking views of the sea.

  2. Portovenere

    120 minutes

    Relax on the beach and try some delicious seafood dishes at the picturesque town of Portovenere.

  3. Pisa

    120 minutes

    Visit the iconic Leaning Tower and taste some authentic Tuscan cuisine in a cozy trattoria nearby.

Day 4

  1. Florence

    240 minutes

    Explore the Renaissance art and architecture in Florence, including the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio.

  2. Gelato Festival

    90 minutes

    Stroll around the famous gelato festival and try some of the most creative flavors in the world.

  3. San Gimignano

    180 minutes

    Drive to the picturesque town of San Gimignano and taste the local wines, olive oils and cheeses at a traditional wine bar.

Day 5

  1. Venice

    240 minutes

    Take a vaporetto around Venice and explore the stunning architecture and history, including St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace and Rialto Bridge.

  2. Jewish Ghetto

    120 minutes

    Learn about the history and traditions of Venice's Jewish Ghetto and try some of the delicious traditional Jewish-Italian dishes.

  3. Bacaro Tour

    180 minutes

    Join a bacaro tour and stroll around Venice's hidden alleys, taste some of the best local wines and appetizers and learn about Venice's culinary traditions.

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-30 USD per night
40-80 USD per night
80-120 USD per night


1-3 USD per ride
10-30 USD per ride
30-50 USD per ride


Street food
5-10 USD for a meal
Local restaurants
15-30 USD for a meal
Fancy restaurants
50-100 USD for a meal


Beach activities
Free-20 USD for rental
Wine tasting
20-50 USD for a tour
Museums and galleries
5-20 USD for entrance fee

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