7 Days trip in Italy

Budget: 0 USD - 1550 USD City sightseeing Cultural experiences Wildlife exploration Shopping Nightlife
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Italy is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, known for its art, architecture, fashion, and cuisine.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
️ 15.33°C
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele

    120 minutes

    Take a tour of the largest opera house in Italy, renowned for its architectural beauty and rich cultural history.

  2. Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro

    240 minutes

    Explore the natural reserve of Zingaro, which boasts stunning coastal cliffs, crystal clear water, and a variety of flora and fauna.

  3. La Vucciria

    180 minutes

    Shop and dine at this lively street market known for its fresh seafood, local wine, and bustling nightlife.

Day 2

  1. Valley of the Temples

    180 minutes

    Visit the ancient Greek ruins at Valle dei Templi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top archaeological attractions in the world.

  2. Scala dei Turchi

    120 minutes

    Witness the stunning white cliffs and azure waters of the Scala dei Turchi, a natural rock formation that resembles a staircase to the sea.

  3. Mondello Beach

    240 minutes

    Spend an evening at the lively beach resort of Mondello, known for its vibrant nightlife and trendy bars.

Day 3

  1. Cattedrale di Monreale

    120 minutes

    Admire the breathtaking beauty of the UNESCO-listed Monreale Cathedral, a masterpiece of Arab-Norman architecture.

  2. Museo Archeologico Regionale di Palermo

    120 minutes

    Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Sicily at this renowned archaeological museum, which houses an impressive collection of ancient artifacts.

  3. Quattro Canti

    180 minutes

    Browse the upscale boutiques and artisan shops at Quattro Canti, a popular shopping and entertainment destination in the heart of Palermo.

Day 4

  1. Mount Etna

    360 minutes

    Take a scenic excursion to the top of Mount Etna, one of the most active and iconic volcanoes in Europe.

  2. Taormina

    240 minutes

    Wander the ancient streets and piazzas of Taormina, a charming hilltop town famous for its stunning views, ancient Greek theatre, and beautiful beaches.

  3. Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Russo

    180 minutes

    Experience the rich wine culture of Sicily at Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Russo, a family-run vineyard that offers wine tastings and guided tours.

Day 5

  1. Villa Romana del Casale

    180 minutes

    Visit the stunning Villa Romana del Casale, one of the largest and best-preserved Roman villas in the world, featuring intricate mosaics and ancient artifacts.

  2. Scala Santa

    120 minutes

    Discover the spiritual beauty of the Scala Santa, a staircase of 28 white marble steps that are believed to have been part of the Palace of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem.

  3. Cefalù

    240 minutes

    Enjoy a night out in Cefalù, a charming beach town known for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque seafront bars and restaurants.

Day 6

  1. Museo Regionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna

    120 minutes

    Explore the fascinating collection of ancient and modern artworks at the Museo Regionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna in Catania.

  2. Gole dell'Alcantara

    180 minutes

    Hike along the beautiful river gorge of Gole dell'Alcantara, which features stunning natural rock formations, waterfalls, and crystal-clear water.

  3. Ballarò

    180 minutes

    Shop and dine at Ballarò, one of the oldest and most vibrant markets in Palermo, featuring fresh produce, eclectic artisanal crafts, and lively nightlife.

Day 7

  1. Museo Archeologico di Siracusa

    120 minutes

    Visit the impressive collection of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts and artworks at the Museo Archeologico di Siracusa, one of the most important archaeological museums in Sicily.

  2. Riserva Naturale Orientata Cavagrande del Cassibile

    240 minutes

    Explore the stunning natural reserve of Cavagrande del Cassibile, which features beautiful waterfalls, ancient caves, and a variety of flora and fauna.

  3. Piazza del Duomo

    240 minutes

    End your trip with a bang at the lively Piazza del Duomo in Catania, which offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-30 USD per night
70-120 USD per night
Airbnb apartment
60-100 USD per night


1-5 USD per trip
15-30 USD per trip
Car rental
40-60 USD per day


Street food
5-10 USD per meal
Local trattoria
20-30 USD per meal
Fine dining
50-100 USD per meal


Visiting historical sites (eg Syracuse Archaeological Park)
10-15 USD per entrance fee
Wine tasting in the countryside
20-50 USD per person
Boat tour to one of the Aeolian islands
50-100 USD per person

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