5 Days trip in Italy

Budget: 0 USD - 800 USD Beach activities City sightseeing Cultural experiences Food exploration Outdoor adventures Shopping Historical landmarks
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Italy is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, known for its art, architecture, fashion, and cuisine.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
️ 15.33°C
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Catania Fish Market

    120 minutes

    Explore the local Fish Market and try some of the fresh seafood delicacies.

  2. Piazza del Duomo

    90 minutes

    Visit the stunning Piazza del Duomo and marvel at the beautiful Cathedral.

  3. La Pescheria

    180 minutes

    Enjoy an evening stroll through the vibrant La Pescheria market, sampling the amazing local Sicilian cuisine and drinks.

Day 2

  1. Mount Etna

    420 minutes

    Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the top of Mount Etna, the world's largest active volcano.

  2. Via Etnea

    120 minutes

    Explore the bustling shopping district of Via Etnea and pick up some souvenirs to take home.

  3. Trattoria Giglio Rosso

    150 minutes

    Experience the best of Sicilian cuisine at the Trattoria Giglio Rosso.

Day 3

  1. Archaeological Park of Neapolis

    180 minutes

    Visit the ancient Greek and Roman ruins at the Archaeological Park of Neapolis in Syracuse.

  2. Ortigia Island

    240 minutes

    Relax on the stunning beaches of Ortigia Island and explore the charming streets of Syracuse.

  3. Ristorante Don Camillo

    150 minutes

    Indulge in some of the best seafood dishes in Syracuse at Ristorante Don Camillo.

Day 4

  1. Villa Romana del Casale

    180 minutes

    Step back in time at the stunning Roman villa of Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina.

  2. Caltagirone

    120 minutes

    Explore the charming town of Caltagirone and pick up some traditional ceramics.

  3. L'Oasi del Siciliano

    150 minutes

    Experience the traditional Sicilian cuisine and wine at L'Oasi del Siciliano.

Day 5

  1. Aci Trezza

    240 minutes

    Enjoy a day of swimming, snorkeling and exploring the picturesque town of Aci Trezza.

  2. Via Crociferi

    120 minutes

    Discover the beautiful Baroque architecture of Via Crociferi in the heart of Catania's historic district.

  3. Trattoria 21

    150 minutes

    Feast on some of the best Sicilian seafood at Trattoria 21, with an extensive wine selection to match.

Estimated Cost (USD)


20-30 USD per night
70-120 USD per night
50-100 USD per night


Public Transportation
1.20-1.50 USD per ride
12-15 USD per ride
Car Rental
30-50 USD per day


5-10 USD per meal
Street Food
2-5 USD per snack or meal
Fancy Meal
30-60 USD per meal


Entrance fee for museums
5-10 USD per person
Outdoor Adventure
50-100 USD for a half-day trip
Historical Landmarks
Free or 5-10 USD for guided tours

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