7 Days trip in United States

Budget: 0 USD - 1750 USD City sightseeing Beach activities
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The United States is a federal republic located in North America, known for its diverse geography, history, and culture. It is a world superpower and a melting pot of cultures.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to USD
Washington, D.C.
GMT -0400 (Eastern Time Zone)
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Liberty State Park

    120 minutes

    Take a ferry to Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island or simply enjoy the amazing skyline of New York City from the park.

  2. Silverball Museum Arcade

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a unique arcade experience with vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and video games.

  3. Stone Pony

    180 minutes

    Catch a live concert at the legendary Stone Pony, a music venue famous for launching the careers of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

Day 2

  1. Atlantic City Boardwalk

    120 minutes

    Take a leisurely stroll or rent a bike along the famous boardwalk of Atlantic City and enjoy the ocean view.

  2. Lucy the Elephant

    60 minutes

    Visit the world's largest elephant-shaped building and learn about its history and significance.

  3. Cape May Beach

    180 minutes

    Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere of Cape May Beach.

Day 3

  1. Grounds for Sculpture

    120 minutes

    Explore this 42-acre sculpture park and discover over 270 works of contemporary art.

  2. Princeton University Art Museum

    120 minutes

    Visit the art museum at Princeton University and discover a diverse collection of over 100,000 works of art.

  3. Old Barracks Museum

    90 minutes

    Experience colonial life and learn about the Revolutionary War at this museum dedicated to New Jersey's military history.

Day 4

  1. Six Flags Great Adventure

    360 minutes

    Get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling roller coasters and other rides at this popular amusement park.

  2. Jersey Shore Pirates

    120 minutes

    Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with a pirate-themed cruise that includes treasure hunting and water gun battles.

  3. River Lady

    180 minutes

    Enjoy a romantic, sunset dinner cruise on the historic River Lady paddleboat and experience the beauty of the Toms River.

Day 5

  1. Adventure Aquarium

    180 minutes

    Explore the underwater world with over 8,500 aquatic species and interactive exhibits at this award-winning aquarium.

  2. Battleship New Jersey

    180 minutes

    Step aboard the legendary Battleship New Jersey and learn about its history as a US warship.

  3. Collingswood Farmers' Market

    90 minutes

    Browse the wide variety of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and prepared foods at this popular farmers' market.

Day 6

  1. New Jersey State Museum

    120 minutes

    Discover New Jersey's cultural and natural history with interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and a fine arts collection.

  2. Sahara Sam's Oasis

    300 minutes

    Cool off and have fun with an indoor water park that includes attractions such as slides, a lazy river, and wave pool.

  3. Terhune Orchards

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a scenic countryside setting while picking your own fruits and vegetables or shopping for locally grown produce and homemade goods.

Day 7

  1. Cape May County Park & Zoo

    120 minutes

    Experience a free and family-friendly zoo with over 500 animals, picnic areas, and walking trails.

  2. Ocean City Boardwalk

    120 minutes

    Shop, eat, and play along the lively boardwalk of Ocean City, known for its beautiful beach and unique shops.

  3. Cape May Lighthouse

    90 minutes

    Climb to the top of the Cape May Lighthouse and enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and surrounding area.

Estimated Cost (USD)


25-45 USD per night
75-150 USD per night
50-100 USD per night


Public Transportation
2-5 USD per ride
15-25 USD per ride
Car Rental
25-50 USD per day


5-10 USD per meal
Street Food
5-15 USD per meal
Fancy Meal
30-50 USD per meal


15-25 USD entrance fee
Beach Activities
0-20 USD rental equipment fee
Sightseeing Tours
40-60 USD per tour

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