6 Days trip in United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is a diverse and historic country located in Europe, known for its culture, art, and contributions to world affairs.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to GBP
Scottish Gaelic
️ 5.06°C
Best Way to Get Around
London Underground
National Rail

Day 1

  1. Tower of London

    180 minutes

    Explore the medieval castle and its fascinating history, including the crown jewels.

  2. Borough Market

    120 minutes

    Sample various international cuisines at one of the oldest food markets in London.

  3. Shoreditch

    180 minutes

    Explore the trendy neighborhood of Shoreditch, known for its street art, bars, and clubs.

Day 2

  1. Hampton Court Palace

    240 minutes

    Visit the former residence of King Henry VIII, with its beautiful gardens, maze, and Tudor kitchen.

  2. Kew Gardens

    180 minutes

    Stroll through the stunning botanical gardens, with its large greenhouse and treetop walkway.

  3. West End

    240 minutes

    Watch a theater performance or musical in the famous West End district.

Day 3

  1. Greenwich

    240 minutes

    Visit the Royal Observatory and stand on the Prime Meridian, with stunning views of London and the Thames River.

  2. Southbank Centre Food Market

    120 minutes

    Taste the delicious food and drink offerings at the diverse Southbank Centre Food Market, with views of the London Eye.

  3. Camden Town

    180 minutes

    Explore the vibrant and alternative neighborhood of Camden Town, with its street markets, music venues, and pubs.

Day 4

  1. Brighton

    300 minutes

    Take a day trip to the seaside town of Brighton, with its pebble beach, historic pier, and vibrant city center.

  2. London Eye

    120 minutes

    Take a ride on the iconic London Eye ferris wheel, with panoramic views of the city.

  3. Soho

    180 minutes

    Experience the lively nightlife and diverse food scene of Soho, with its bars, restaurants, and theaters.

Day 5

  1. British Museum

    240 minutes

    Visit one of the world's oldest and most comprehensive museums housing artifacts from around the world and documenting human history.

  2. Covent Garden

    180 minutes

    Visit the market for some light shopping and people-watching or try some street food from the different stalls.

  3. Notting Hill

    180 minutes

    Explore the residential neighbourhood of Notting Hill, with its beautiful Victorian houses, independent shops, and many pubs.

Day 6

  1. Hyde Park

    240 minutes

    Explore the stunning Hyde Park, with its monuments, gardens, and even a horseback riding stable.

  2. Chinatown

    120 minutes

    Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture and atmosphere of London's Chinatown district.

  3. The Shard

    180 minutes

    Experience breathtaking views of the city atop the tallest building in London, with options to dine or have a cocktail.

Estimated Cost (USD)


20-40 USD per night
Budget Hotel
60-100 USD per night
Airbnb Private Room
50-100 USD per night


Oyster Card (for MRT and buses)
30 USD for 6 days
15-30 USD per ride
City Sightseeing Hop-on Hop-off Bus
45 USD for 2-day pass


Street Food
5-10 USD per meal
Casual Dining
15-25 USD per meal
Fine Dining
50-100 USD per meal


British Museum Entrance
Free admission (donation welcome)
London Eye Ride
30-40 USD per person
Thames River Cruise
15-25 USD per person

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