7 Days trip in Morocco

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Morocco is a diverse and culturally rich country located in North Africa, with a fascinating history and stunning landscapes.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to MAD
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Day 1

  1. Jardin Majorelle

    120 minutes

    Explore the stunning botanical garden that was once owned by Yves Saint Laurent. Admire the vibrant blue villa and the collection of cacti and rare plants.

  2. Saadian Tombs

    60 minutes

    Discover the ancient tombs of the Saadians, a royal dynasty that ruled in the 16th and 17th centuries. Marvel at the intricate decorations of the mausoleums and the tranquil courtyard.

  3. Djemaa el-Fna

    120 minutes

    Immerse yourself in the chaos of the vibrant market square, where street performers, henna artists, and snake charmers gather. Try the tasty street food and watch the sunset from a rooftop restaurant.

Day 2

  1. Ouzoud Waterfalls

    240 minutes

    Take a scenic ride to the stunning Ouzoud Waterfalls, located in the heart of the Middle Atlas Mountains. Hike to the top of the falls for breathtaking views and swim in the cool pools.

  2. Atlas Studios

    90 minutes

    Visit the largest movie studio in Africa and see the sets of popular films such as Gladiator and Game of Thrones. Learn about the history of the studio and its impact on the film industry in Morocco.

  3. Kasbah Taourirt

    60 minutes

    Explore the ancient fortress of Taourirt, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Admire the beautifully preserved architecture and learn about the history of the Berber people who inhabited the area.

Day 3

  1. The Blue Pearl of Morocco

    120 minutes

    Explore the charming blue city of Chefchaouen, nestled in the Rif Mountains. Wander through the narrow streets and admire the blue-washed buildings while learning about the city's history and traditions.

  2. Ras El-Maa

    90 minutes

    Take a refreshing dip in the cool pools of Ras El-Maa, a natural spring located at the foot of the mountains. Enjoy a picnic lunch while relaxing in the serene setting.

  3. Spanish Mosque

    60 minutes

    Watch the stunning sunset from the ruins of the Spanish Mosque, located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Take in the panoramic views of the city and the ocean.

Day 4

  1. Hassan II Mosque

    120 minutes

    Visit one of the largest mosques in the world, built on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Marvel at the stunning architecture and intricate details of the mosque while learning about Moroccan Islamic traditions.

  2. Rick's Café

    120 minutes

    Experience the movie magic of Casablanca at the iconic Rick's Café. Enjoy a delicious lunch and pretend you are Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman while taking in the romantic atmosphere.

  3. Ain Diab Beach

    90 minutes

    Relax on the sandy shores of Ain Diab Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy swimming, surfing, or kite-surfing while taking in the beautiful sunset.

Day 5

  1. Volubilis Archaeological Site

    180 minutes

    Step back in time at the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the well-preserved mosaics and columns while imagining life in the city during the Roman Empire.

  2. Meknes Medina

    120 minutes

    Discover the historic Medina of Meknes, a fortified city that was once home to King Moulay Ismail. Visit the impressive Bab El-Mansour gate and the beautiful Dar Jamai Museum.

  3. Balcony of Chefchaouen

    60 minutes

    Take in the panoramic view of the blue city of Chefchaouen from the Balcony of Chefchaouen, located in the historic city of Fes. Admire the stunning colors of the city in the afternoon light.

Day 6

  1. Todra Gorge

    240 minutes

    Hike through the stunning Todra Gorge, a natural wonder with towering cliffs and crystal-clear streams. Enjoy the serenity of the desert landscape while taking in the rock formations.

  2. Kasbah Amridil

    120 minutes

    Visit the historic kasbah of Amridil, located in the palm groves of Skoura. Learn about the traditional way of life of the Berber people and the history of the kasbah's architecture.

  3. Erg Chebbi Dunes

    300 minutes

    Embark on an unforgettable adventure by exploring the Erg Chebbi dunes on a camelback ride. Watch the sun set over the desert and enjoy a traditional Berber dinner under the stars.

Day 7

  1. Bahia Palace

    90 minutes

    Visit the stunning Bahia Palace, a 19th-century palace with intricate details and lush gardens. Learn about the history of the palace and the Moroccan royal family.

  2. Souks of Marrakech

    120 minutes

    Get lost in the maze of colorful souks in the Old Medina of Marrakech. Browse the stalls selling handmade goods and spices while enjoying street food and mint tea.

  3. Jardin Menara

    60 minutes

    Relax in the serene setting of Jardin Menara, a historic garden with a beautiful reflecting pool and olive groves. Watch the sunset while taking in the views of the Atlas Mountains.

Estimated Cost (USD)


5-15 USD per night
Budget Airbnb
20-40 USD per night
Mid-range Hotel
60-100 USD per night


City Bus
0.50 USD per ride
Shared Taxi
2-5 USD per ride
Private Car Rental
30-50 USD per day


Street food
1-3 USD per meal
Local Restaurant
5-15 USD per meal
Lebanese Cuisine
10-25 USD per meal


Entrance Fee for Museum
3-5 USD per person
Camel Riding in the Desert
20-50 USD per person
Surfing Lesson
40-80 USD per person

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