7 Days trip in United States

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The United States is a federal republic located in North America, known for its diverse geography, history, and culture. It is a world superpower and a melting pot of cultures.

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Exchange Rate of 1 USD to USD
Washington, D.C.
GMT -0400 (Eastern Time Zone)
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Day 1

  1. Walt Disney World

    240 minutes

    Visit the happiest place on earth! Spend the day exploring Walt Disney World and getting lost in the magic of the Disney universe.

  2. Orlando Museum of Art

    120 minutes

    Discover the art, history, and culture of Orlando at the Orlando Museum of Art. Enjoy a guided tour of the museum's impressive collection.

  3. Lake Eola Park

    90 minutes

    Spend the evening strolling through the beautiful Lake Eola Park and watching the fountain light show. Pack a picnic and enjoy a serene evening surrounded by nature.

Day 2

  1. Gatorland

    180 minutes

    Explore the wild side of Florida at Gatorland. Enjoy thrilling zip-lining over alligators, watch a gator wrestling show and visit the petting zoo.

  2. Harry P. Leu Gardens

    120 minutes

    Experience the stunning beauty of the gardens by strolling through their 50 acres of flora and fauna. Take a guided tour or pack a picnic and enjoy the natural scenery.

  3. Cinderella's Royal Table

    120 minutes

    End your day on a magical note by dining with Disney Princesses in a fairytale setting. Enjoy a delicious feast and delightful entertainment.

Day 3

  1. Kennedy Space Center

    300 minutes

    Embark on a journey beyond the earth's atmosphere at Kennedy Space Center. Explore the Rocket Garden, take a guided bus tour, and even experience a space shuttle launch.

  2. Universal's Islands of Adventure

    360 minutes

    Spend the afternoon having an adventure at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Choose from a range of thrilling rides and attractions that will make for an unforgettable experience.

  3. The Blue Man Group

    90 minutes

    End your day by immersing yourself in a unique and unforgettable music and comedy performance by The Blue Man Group.

Day 4

  1. Discovery Cove

    480 minutes

    Experience the beauty of Orlando's marine wildlife by swimming with dolphins, tropical fish, and rays at Discovery Cove. Get an up-close look at the diverse and stunning sea creatures that call Orlando home.

  2. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

    90 minutes

    Discover an impressive collection of American art, pottery, and glass at The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. Be amazed by intricate Tiffany glass creations and other stunning works of art.

  3. Universal CityWalk

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a night out at Universal CityWalk. Savor a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and enjoy live music and entertainment throughout the evening.

Day 5

  1. WonderWorks

    240 minutes

    Explore the wonder and science of Orlando and test your skills across over 100 interactive exhibits, challenges and more at WonderWorks. Enjoy laser tag, a rope challenge course and virtual rides.

  2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    360 minutes

    Step into the magical world of Harry Potter, with thrilling rides and attractions inspired by the books and movies. Visit the iconic wizarding shops and restaurants. Unleash your inner wizard!

  3. I-Drive 360

    120 minutes

    Experience Orlando from a new perspective by visiting The Orlando Eye at I-Drive 360. Climb into a private capsule and soak up the panoramic views of the city.

Day 6

  1. Orlando Science Center

    180 minutes

    Discover the future of science and technology at the Orlando Science Center. Explore the exhibits, planetarium, and 3D movies. Get hands-on and engage in thrilling experiments.

  2. The Holy Land Experience

    300 minutes

    Spend the afternoon walking through recreated scenes of biblical times at The Holy Land Experience. Walk through the garden of Eden, take a boat ride through ancient Jerusalem or experience casting of stones.

  3. SeaWorld Orlando

    360 minutes

    Discover the marine wonders at SeaWorld Orlando. See live shows featuring dolphins, orcas or thrill rides like Mako. Immerse yourself in a marine world.

Day 7

  1. Universal Studios Florida

    360 minutes

    Get ready for an action-packed day at Universal Studios Florida. Experience thrilling rides, entertainment, and attractions inspired by your favorite films and TV shows.

  2. Legoland Florida Resort

    480 minutes

    Embrace your inner child and take the kid in you on a day out at Legoland Florida Resort. Explore the rides, themed lands, inventive attractions, cafes, and shops.

  3. Disney Springs

    120 minutes

    Wrap up your Orlando experience by visiting Disney Springs, a lively outdoor shopping-and-dining destination. Enjoy the ambiance, live music, and festive community events.

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