4 Days trip in United Kingdom

Budget: 1400 USD - 3000 USD Historical landmarks
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The United Kingdom is a diverse and historic country located in Europe, known for its culture, art, and contributions to world affairs.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to GBP
Scottish Gaelic
️ 5.06°C
Best Way to Get Around
London Underground
National Rail

Day 1

  1. Windermere Jetty Museum

    120 minutes

    Explore the rich maritime history of Windermere at the Windermere Jetty Museum.

  2. Wray Castle

    180 minutes

    Visit the grand Wray Castle, built in the Gothic Revival style with stunning views of Windermere.

  3. The Miller Howe Cafe & Restaurant

    150 minutes

    Indulge in a delicious meal at the award-winning Miller Howe Cafe & Restaurant, known for its excellent cuisine and stunning views of the Lake District.

Day 2

  1. Hill Top House

    120 minutes

    Visit the cozy Hill Top House, once the home of beloved author Beatrix Potter and now preserved as a museum.

  2. Sizergh Castle and Garden

    240 minutes

    Explore the stunning Sizergh Castle and Garden, with its beautiful gardens, impressive medieval house, and fascinating history.

  3. The Angel Inn

    150 minutes

    Relax and enjoy a delicious meal at the cozy and welcoming Angel Inn, known for its excellent food and friendly atmosphere.

Day 3

  1. Rydal Mount & Gardens

    120 minutes

    Explore the stunning Rydal Mount & Gardens, once the home of poet William Wordsworth, and now preserved as a museum.

  2. Brantwood

    180 minutes

    Marvel at the stunning views and explore the impressive house and gardens at Brantwood, once the home of writer and artist John Ruskin.

  3. The Wild Boar Inn Grill & Smokehouse

    150 minutes

    Experience the unique flavors and cozy atmosphere of The Wild Boar Inn Grill & Smokehouse, with its delicious food and innovative menu.

Day 4

  1. The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

    120 minutes

    Step into the magical world of Beatrix Potter and explore the charming exhibits and gardens at The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction.

  2. Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House

    180 minutes

    Admire the stunning architecture and beautiful art and crafts at Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House, a beautifully preserved example of the Arts and Crafts movement.

  3. Gilpin Spice

    150 minutes

    Experience the bold and exciting flavors of Pan-Asian cuisine at Gilpin Spice, a chic and modern restaurant with a unique and creative menu.

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-30 per night
100-200 per night
50-150 per night


Train and Bus
20-50 for a 4-day pass
8-20 per ride
Car Rental
100-200 for 4 days


5-15 per meal
Pub Food
10-20 per meal
Fine Dining
30-100 per meal

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