5 Days trip in Canada

Budget: 0 USD - 3000 USD City sightseeing Festivals/events Food exploration Outdoor adventures
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Canada is a vast and diverse country known for its stunning natural landscapes, multicultural society, and commitment to inclusivity. With a rich history and a strong emphasis on equality and diversity, Canada offers a high quality of life and countless opportunities for exploration and cultural experiences.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to CAD
GMT -0400
️ 8.12°C
Best Way to Get Around
Public Transit

Day 1

  1. CN Tower

    90 minutes

    Visit one of the tallest buildings in the world and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Toronto from the observation deck.

  2. St. Lawrence Market

    60 minutes

    Experience the diverse food culture of Toronto by wandering through the aisles of the St. Lawrence Market, sampling local foods as you go.

  3. Harbourfront Centre

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a free concert or festival at the picturesque Harbourfront Centre, overlooking the Toronto Islands.

Day 2

  1. High Park

    180 minutes

    Take a morning stroll through the lush greenery of High Park, home to beautiful gardens and peaceful walking trails.

  2. Kensington Market

    90 minutes

    Grab lunch at Kensington Market, a neighborhood full of local and international cuisine options.

  3. Toronto Islands

    180 minutes

    Take a ferry to Toronto Islands and spend the afternoon exploring the beaches, parks, and hidden walkways of this picturesque oasis.

Day 3

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario

    120 minutes

    Explore the exhibits at the Art Gallery of Ontario to see works from both international and Canadian artists.

  2. Osgoode Hall

    60 minutes

    Visit the historic Osgoode Hall, the former home of the Law Society of Ontario, for a glimpse into Canada’s legal and political history.

  3. Second City

    120 minutes

    Catch a comedy show at Second City, an iconic venue that has launched the careers of many famous Canadian comedians.

Day 4

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

    120 minutes

    Visit the Royal Ontario Museum to see fascinating exhibits ranging from dinosaurs to ancient artifacts.

  2. Distillery District

    90 minutes

    Enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants in the charming Distillery District, a beautifully preserved Victorian-era industrial district.

  3. Humber River Trail

    120 minutes

    Take a relaxing walk along the Humber River Trail, a scenic route that winds its way through lush forests and beautiful parks.

Day 5

  1. Casa Loma

    120 minutes

    Explore Toronto’s very own castle, Casa Loma, to see what it was like to live in luxury a century ago.

  2. Chinatown

    90 minutes

    Experience the vibrant food and culture of Toronto’s Chinatown with a visit to one of its many delicious restaurants or street food vendors.

  3. Yonge-Dundas Square

    120 minutes

    Finish your trip with a lively night out at Yonge-Dundas Square, which hosts a variety of free concerts, events, and performances throughout the year.

Estimated Cost (USD)


25-35 (price per night in USD)
100-150 (price per night in USD)
60-100 (price per night in USD)


3-5 (estimated price for a single ride in USD)
2-5/km (estimated price per kilometer in USD)
20-30 (estimated price for a ride from airport to city center in USD)


Street food
5-15 (estimated price per meal in USD)
10-20 (estimated price per meal in USD)
Fancy meal
50-100 (estimated price per meal in USD)


CN Tower
35-50 (estimated price for entrance ticket in USD)
Toronto Island Park
7-15 (estimated price for ferry to island park in USD)
Niagara Falls Day Trip
100-150 (estimated price for Niagara Falls day trip in USD)

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