7 Days trip in Tunisia

Budget: 0 USD - 1000 USD Nightlife Beach activities Food exploration Cultural experiences
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Tunisia is a North African country with a rich history, beautiful beaches, and diverse culture. It is a popular tourist destination and offers a range of activities for visitors.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to TND
TND 3.110
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Day 1

  1. The Bardo National Museum

    120 minutes

    Explore the history and culture of Tunisia by visiting this famed museum housing roman mosaics and other ancient artifacts

  2. Sidi Bou Said

    180 minutes

    Stroll through this coastal town's narrow streets with white and blue buildings, try out their famous mint tea and traditional Tunisian pastries

  3. Le 5

    120 minutes

    Enjoy good company and delicious French-Mediterranean cuisine in this elegant restaurant by the Mediterranean

Day 2

  1. Carthage Ruins

    240 minutes

    Explore the fascinating ruins of ancient Carthage including the Antonine Baths, Punic Ports, and Tophet

  2. Gammarth Beach

    180 minutes

    Sit back and relax on this beautiful sandy beach, swim in the blue waters and enjoy the sun

  3. Café Des Nattes

    120 minutes

    Experience nightlife and taste local dishes at this rustic-chic café in the medina's courtyard

Day 3

  1. Medina of Tunis

    240 minutes

    Get lost in the exotic labyrinth of the medina, appreciate the architecture, textiles, spices, and handmade goods

  2. Hammamet Beach

    180 minutes

    Swim, sunbathe, enjoy water sports, and eat fresh seafood in this popular resort town's sandy beach

  3. Infinity Nightclub

    240 minutes

    Have fun dancing and socializing with locals, expats, and tourists in this trendy nightclub

Day 4

  1. El Djem Amphitheatre

    240 minutes

    Be amazed by the size and preservation of this impressive Roman amphitheater, where gladiators and wild animals once fought

  2. Mahdia Beach

    180 minutes

    Enjoy the clear waters, soft sand, and lively atmosphere of this long, wide beach, decorated with colorful boats and umbrellas

  3. La Villa Bleue

    180 minutes

    Savor refined Tunisian and Mediterranean dishes in this upscale restaurant with a beautiful sea view and an intimate ambiance

Day 5

  1. Kairouan Mosque

    240 minutes

    Visit the fourth holiest city in Islam and admire the grandeur, spirituality, and artistry of the Great Mosque, the Aghlabid basins, and the medina

  2. Hammamet Medina

    180 minutes

    Explore the narrow alleys, decorated doors, and traditional souks of this charming medina, and taste the local cuisine at a nearby restaurant

  3. The Mushira Restaurant

    180 minutes

    Indulge in refined Tunisian and European gastronomy in this elegant restaurant by the lake, with live music and impeccable service

Day 6

  1. Zarzis Beach

    360 minutes

    Relax, sunbathe, and swim in the turquoise waters of this quiet beach, with fine sand, shallow waves, and palm trees

  2. El-Kef Mountains

    240 minutes

    Hike, bike, or drive through the breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and Berber villages of the mountain range near El Kef

  3. Dar Slah Restaurant

    180 minutes

    Treat yourself to a luxurious culinary experience in this elegant restaurant showcasing the best of Tunisian and international cuisine, with an award-winning wine list

Day 7

  1. Bouficha Beach

    360 minutes

    Spend your last day in Tunisia unwinding on this idyllic beach, surrounded by cliffs, caves, and crystal-clear water

  2. Korbous Hot Springs

    240 minutes

    Pamper yourself in the natural spa of Korbous, where hot mineral water flows into several pools, waterfalls, and caves, creating an unforgettable sensory experience

  3. Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit

    120 minutes

    Savor great food and music in this legendary brasserie featuring French-Jazz ambience, live performances, and an art deco decor

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-25 USD per night
40-100 USD per night
20-70 USD per night


5-10 USD per ride within the city
5-15 USD per ride between cities
2-5 USD per ride within the city


Street Food
1-5 USD per meal
5-20 USD per meal
Fine Dining
40-100 USD per meal


Visit Bardo Museum
10 USD entrance fee
Visit Sidi Bou Said
Camel Riding on the Beach
20-30 USD per hour

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