4 Days trip in India

Budget: 250 USD - 3000 USD Historical landmarks Nightlife City sightseeing Shopping Wildlife exploration
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India is a large and diverse country in South Asia with a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes. It is known for its vibrant festivals, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to INR
New Delhi
GMT +0530
Best Way to Get Around
Auto Rickshaw

Day 1

  1. Edakkal Caves

    120 minutes

    Explore the ancient rock art at Edakkal Caves, believed to be over 8000 years old

  2. Pookode Lake

    90 minutes

    Take a boat ride around this picturesque freshwater lake and spot some wildlife

  3. Rasoi Restaurant

    90 minutes

    Experience the nightlife scene in Wayanad by having dinner at the bustling Rasoi Restaurant

Day 2

  1. Soochipara Waterfalls

    120 minutes

    Take a dip in the naturally formed pool beneath the stunning Soochipara Waterfalls

  2. Chembra Peak

    150 minutes

    Embark on a challenging trek to the top of Chembra Peak for breathtaking views of Wayanad

  3. Thushara Restaurant

    90 minutes

    Indulge in delicious Kerala cuisine at Thushara Restaurant and experience the local food scene

Day 3

  1. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

    180 minutes

    Take a jungle safari or trek in the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and spot some rare animals

  2. Banasura Sagar Dam

    120 minutes

    Visit the largest earth dam in India, Banasura Sagar Dam, and enjoy a scenic boat ride

  3. Vylathur Restaurant

    90 minutes

    Experience some of the best Kerala cuisine and seafood at Vylathur Restaurant

Day 4

  1. Kuruva Island

    180 minutes

    Take a serene boat ride and explore the lush greenery of Kuruva Island

  2. Chain Tree

    90 minutes

    Learn about the fascinating history of Chain Tree and take a stroll through the nearby tea plantations

  3. Blue Ginger Restaurant

    90 minutes

    Indulge in some of the best seafood at Blue Ginger Restaurant and enjoy the vibrant nightlife scene in Wayanad

Estimated Cost (USD)


5-10 USD per night
20-50 USD per night
Villa or Guesthouse
50-100 USD per night


Public Bus
0.30-0.50 USD per ride
Tuk-tuk or Auto Rickshaw
0.30-0.50 USD per km
Private Car with Driver
30-50 USD per day


Street Food
1-2 USD per meal
Budget Restaurant
3-6 USD per meal
Fancy Restaurant
15-30 USD per meal


Historical Landmarks
2-5 USD entrance fee
Wildlife Exploration
20-40 USD per tour
50-100 USD per shopping spree

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