4 Days trip in Albania

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Albania, located in Southeastern Europe, offers a mix of stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. From beautiful beaches to breathtaking mountains, Albania has something for every traveler. With its warm hospitality and delicious cuisine, it's a country worth exploring.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to ALL
ALL 96
GMT +0200
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Day 1

  1. Butrint National Park

    240 minutes

    Explore the ancient ruins of Butrint National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover the rich history and wildlife of the region.

  2. Sarande Beach

    180 minutes

    Relax and soak up the sun at the beautiful Sarande Beach, known for its clear blue waters and soft sand.

  3. Vlore City Centre

    120 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife and cuisine of Vlore at the city centre, where you can enjoy local delicacies, live music, and traditional dances.

Day 2

  1. Albanian Riviera

    360 minutes

    Embark on a thrilling adventure along the stunning Albanian Riviera, where you can hike, bike, and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Gjirokastra Fortress

    180 minutes

    Visit the historic Gjirokastra Fortress, an impressive castle that dates back to the Ottoman era and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

  3. Gjirokastra Old Town

    120 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife and cuisine of Gjirokastra at the Old Town, where you can sample local dishes, shop for souvenirs, and soak up the culture and history of the region.

Day 3

  1. Blue Eye

    240 minutes

    Discover the natural wonder of Blue Eye, a stunning crystal-clear spring that creates a mystical blue color and is home to various species of fish and aquatic plants.

  2. Kuzum Baba

    180 minutes

    Visit the historic Kuzum Baba, a famous landmark that dates back to the Ottoman era and is known for its stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the city of Vlore.

  3. Vlore Marina

    120 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife and cuisine of Vlore at the picturesque Vlore Marina, where you can enjoy fresh seafood, great music, and beautiful views of the sunset over the sea.

Day 4

  1. Mount Dajti National Park

    360 minutes

    Embark on a scenic hike or cable car ride through Mount Dajti National Park, where you can spot various species of fauna and flora, enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Tirana, and indulge in some adventure activities such as zip lining and rock climbing.

  2. Tirana Bazaar

    180 minutes

    Explore the vibrant and colorful Tirana Bazaar, where you can shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and local delicacies, and immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Albania.

  3. Blloku District

    120 minutes

    Experience the lively and trendy nightlife and cuisine of Tirana at the fashionable Blloku District, where you can sample delicious local dishes, enjoy great music, and mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-25 USD per night
40-80 USD per night
25-40 USD per night


0.50-2 USD per ride
5-15 USD per ride
Rental Car
30-50 USD per day


Street Food
2-5 USD
Local Restaurant
5-10 USD per meal
Fancy Restaurant
20-40 USD per meal


Historical Landmark Entrance Fee
5-10 USD
Beach Activities (snorkeling, parasailing, etc)
20-50 USD per activity
Spa and Wellness Retreat
50-100 USD per session

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