7 Days trip in Albania

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Albania, located in Southeastern Europe, offers a mix of stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. From beautiful beaches to breathtaking mountains, Albania has something for every traveler. With its warm hospitality and delicious cuisine, it's a country worth exploring.

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Day 1

  1. Skanderbeg Square

    120 minutes

    Start your trip in the heart of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square. This historic square houses the National Museum of History and the National Art Gallery, and is a great introduction to Albania's culture and history.

  2. Bunk Art Museum

    150 minutes

    Visit one of Tirana's most unique museums, the Bunk Art Museum. This museum is located in a former underground bunker from the communist era and tells the history of Albania during that time.

  3. Blloku

    180 minutes

    Experience Tirana's vibrant nightlife by exploring the Blloku neighborhood. This trendy area is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops, and is the perfect place to spend an evening out.

Day 2

  1. Et'hem Bey Mosque

    60 minutes

    Visit the beautiful Et'hem Bey Mosque, one of Tirana's most iconic landmarks. The mosque's mixture of architectural styles is a testament to Albania's diverse cultural history.

  2. Mount Dajti

    240 minutes

    Escape the city and visit Mount Dajti, a popular day trip destination from Tirana. Take the Dajti Express cable car to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views of the city and surrounding countryside.

  3. Oda

    150 minutes

    Experience Tirana's upscale side by having dinner at Oda, a trendy restaurant serving traditional Albanian cuisine in a stylish setting.

Day 3

  1. Berat Castle

    180 minutes

    Travel to Berat, the 'City of a Thousand Windows' and visit Berat Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle's ancient walls and beautiful views make it a must-see destination.

  2. Gorica Bridge

    60 minutes

    Take a stroll over the Gorica Bridge, a beautiful Ottoman bridge crossing the Osum River. The views from the bridge are breathtaking, and it's a great spot for photos.

  3. Kryeziu Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Enjoy traditional Albanian cuisine at Kryeziu Restaurant, which also offers live music and a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Day 4

  1. Blue Eye

    240 minutes

    Visit the Blue Eye, a beautiful natural spring with crystal-clear blue water. The Blue Eye is surrounded by lush greenery and is a relaxing spot for picnics or scenery explorations.

  2. Lekuresi Castle

    180 minutes

    Visit Lekuresi Castle, which offers amazing views of Saranda from its hilltop location. The castle has a rich history and is a must-see destination for history buffs.

  3. Mango Beach Bar

    150 minutes

    Experience the vibrant nightlife of Saranda by visiting Mango Beach Bar, a popular bar and club located right on the beach.

Day 5

  1. Butrint National Park

    240 minutes

    Visit Butrint National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses ancient ruins from Greek, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. The park also has beautiful views of Lake Butrint and is a great spot for a picnic.

  2. Ksamil Beach

    180 minutes

    Visit Ksamil Beach, a beautiful white-sand beach with crystal-clear water. The beach is surrounded by picturesque islands and is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing.

  3. Apollon Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine at Apollon Restaurant, which offers amazing views of the Saranda harbor and a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Day 6

  1. Durres Amphitheatre

    180 minutes

    Visit the Durres Amphitheatre, a well-preserved ancient amphitheatre from the Roman era. The amphitheatre offers beautiful views of the Durres coastline and is a great spot for history buffs.

  2. Durres Beach

    120 minutes

    Visit Durres Beach, the largest beach in Albania. The beach has crystal-clear water and a beautiful sandy coast, and is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

  3. Barka Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Try out Barka Restaurant, which serves delicious seafood and has a great view over the Durres harbor.

Day 7

  1. Pyramid of Tirana

    60 minutes

    Visit the Pyramid of Tirana, a controversial monument built during the communist era. The pyramid is now abandoned, but its unique architecture makes it a must-see destination.

  2. Tirana Art Lab

    90 minutes

    Explore Tirana's contemporary art scene by visiting Tirana Art Lab, a contemporary art space that frequently hosts exhibitions and events.

  3. Kruja Castle

    180 minutes

    Travel to the historic town of Kruja and visit Kruja Castle, a beautiful old fortress that offers amazing views of the town and surrounding mountains.

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-15 USD per night
30-50 USD per night
20-40 USD per night


Public transportation (bus, tram)
0.50-1.50 USD per ride
5-10 USD per ride
Rental car
15-30 USD per day


Street food
3-5 USD per meal
Local restaurants
10-15 USD per meal
Fine dining
30-50 USD per meal


Entrance fee for historic sites
2-10 USD per site
Festival or event ticket
5-20 USD per ticket
City tour
10-20 USD per tour

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