7 Days trip in United States

Budget: 0 USD - 1000 USD Cultural experiences
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The United States is a federal republic located in North America, known for its diverse geography, history, and culture. It is a world superpower and a melting pot of cultures.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to USD
Washington, D.C.
GMT -0400 (Eastern Time Zone)
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago

    180 minutes

    Explore one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States, with over 300,000 works of art.

  2. Chicago Cultural Center

    120 minutes

    Experience free art exhibits, concerts, and events at this stunning landmark building, showcasing the city's diverse range of culture.

  3. Wrigley Field

    240 minutes

    Catch a Chicago Cubs game at this historic baseball stadium, known for its ivy-covered walls and lively atmosphere.

Day 2

  1. Navy Pier

    180 minutes

    Take a stroll along Lake Michigan and indulge in the stunning views of the city skyline from the iconic and bustling Navy Pier.

  2. Portillo's

    30 minutes

    Enjoy Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches at this beloved local chain.

  3. Museum of Science and Industry

    240 minutes

    Explore the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, filled with interactive exhibits and hands-on learning experiences for all ages.

Day 3

  1. Millennium Park

    120 minutes

    Marvel at the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, take a walk through Lurie Garden, and enjoy live music and performances at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

  2. Chicago Riverwalk

    120 minutes

    Take in the stunning architecture and bustling energy of downtown Chicago while enjoying a leisurely stroll along the river.

  3. Second City

    120 minutes

    Laugh out loud at the legendary improvisational comedy group that launched the careers of countless famous actors and comedians.

Day 4

  1. Chicago History Museum

    180 minutes

    Learn about the rich history of the city, from its earliest settlers to its most recent triumphs and tribulations.

  2. Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

    60 minutes

    Savor the famous deep-dish pizza at this Chicago institution, opened in 1971 by the son of an Italian immigrant.

  3. Lincoln Park Zoo

    180 minutes

    Explore one of the oldest and most popular zoos in the country, with over 1,100 animals and exhibits for visitors of all ages.

Day 5

  1. The Second City

    120 minutes

    Take improv or writing classes from some of the city's most talented comedians, or see a show from the comfort of your seat.

  2. Chicago Architecture Center

    120 minutes

    Take a tour of the city's incredible architecture, from iconic skyscrapers to hidden gems only locals may know.

  3. Kingston Mines

    180 minutes

    Listen to live blues music at this Chicago institution, known for hosting the city's most talented blues musicians.

Day 6

  1. Garfield Park Conservatory

    120 minutes

    Marvel at the stunning botanicals from all over the world, including palm trees, an orchid room, and a desert oasis.

  2. Café Iberico

    90 minutes

    Indulge in tapas and sangria at this award-winning restaurant, known for its cozy atmosphere and authentic Spanish cuisine.

  3. Chicago Theatre

    150 minutes

    Attend a live performance at this stunning and historic landmark, known for hosting concerts, plays, and comedy shows.

Day 7

  1. DuSable Museum of African American History

    180 minutes

    Experience the rich and diverse contributions made by African Americans to Chicago's history and culture, while surrounded by world-class art and artifacts.

  2. Buckingham Fountain

    60 minutes

    Relax and soak in the beauty of this stunning fountain, surrounded by Lake Michigan and Chicago's magnificent skyline.

  3. Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

    180 minutes

    Sip on classic cocktails while enjoying some of the best jazz music in the city, with performances seven days a week.

Estimated Cost (USD)


20-50 USD per night
50-100 USD per night
100-200 USD per night


Public Transit
2.50 USD per ride
2.25 USD base fare + 1.75 USD per mile
1.75-2.00 USD base fare + 1.00-1.50 USD per mile


10-15 USD per meal
Street Food
5-10 USD per meal
Fancy Meal
50-100 USD per meal


Art Institute of Chicago admission fee
25 USD per ticket
Museum of Science and Industry admission fee
21.95 USD per ticket
Skydeck Chicago admission fee
26 USD per ticket

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