4 Days trip in India

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India is a large and diverse country in South Asia with a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes. It is known for its vibrant festivals, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to INR
New Delhi
GMT +0530
Best Way to Get Around
Auto Rickshaw

Day 1

  1. Keventers

    60 minutes

    Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Keventers, a colonial-era restaurant famous for its pancakes and hot chocolate. Afterward, visit the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and take a joy ride on a vintage train through lush tea plantations and misty mountains.

  2. Glenary's Bakery & Cafe

    90 minutes

    In the evening, head to Glenary's Bakery & Cafe for some tasty treats and a glass of Darjeeling tea. The bakery has been serving delectable pastries, cakes, and sandwiches to locals and tourists alike since 1927. Afterward, explore the bustling Chowrasta Mall and catch a glimpse of the sunset over the Kanchenjunga peak.

Day 2

  1. Tiger Hill

    120 minutes

    Wake up early to catch the sunrise from Tiger Hill, the highest point in Darjeeling. From the hilltop, you can see the stunning vista of the Himalayan range and the golden glow of the rising sun. Afterward, visit the Batasia Loop and the War Memorial to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who fought in the wars.

  2. Hasty Tasty

    60 minutes

    Have lunch at Hasty Tasty, a popular eatery that serves some of the best momos and thukpa in Darjeeling. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and offers a wide range of delicious Tibetan and Nepali dishes.

  3. Kunga Restaurant

    90 minutes

    In the evening, head to Kunga Restaurant for some authentic Tibetan cuisine and a glass of beer. The restaurant is known for its cozy ambience and friendly vibe and is a great place to meet fellow travelers and locals alike.

Day 3

  1. Ghoom Monastery

    60 minutes

    Visit the Ghoom Monastery, one of the oldest and most sacred monasteries in Darjeeling. The monastery has a fascinating collection of ancient scriptures, Buddhist artifacts, and thangkas. From the top of the hill, you can also get a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys.

  2. Nathmulls Tea Lounge

    60 minutes

    Enjoy a cup of the world-famous Darjeeling tea at Nathmulls Tea Lounge. The lounge has an impressive collection of premium teas and is a great place to learn about the tea-making process and the history of tea in Darjeeling.

  3. Joey's Pub

    120 minutes

    End your day with a fun night out at Joey's Pub, a lively bar that serves a range of drinks and snacks. The pub has a vibrant ambience and hosts live music performances and karaoke nights on weekends.

Day 4

  1. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

    60 minutes

    Visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, a renowned institute that trains mountaineers and has a fascinating collection of mountaineering artifacts, photographs, and documentaries. The institute also has a mountaineering museum and a zoo that houses rare Himalayan fauna.

  2. Kunga Restaurant

    60 minutes

    Have a final meal at Kunga Restaurant and relish the delectable flavors of Tibetan cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy ambience and a friendly staff that makes you feel at home.

  3. Peace Pagoda

    60 minutes

    Visit the Peace Pagoda, a stunning structure that promotes world peace and nonviolence. The pagoda has intricate carvings and murals that depict the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. From the hilltop, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Darjeeling town and the surrounding mountains.

Estimated Cost (USD)


Budget guesthouse
10.00 - 20.00 per night
5.00 - 15.00 per night
15.00 - 25.00 per night


Shared taxi
1.00 - 2.00 per ride
Local bus
0.50 - 1.00 per ride


Street food
1.00 - 2.00 per meal
Local restaurant
3.00 - 5.00 per meal
Fancy restaurant
10.00 - 20.00 per meal


Tiger Hill Sunrise Tour
10.00 - 15.00 per person
Tea Garden Visit
5.00 - 10.00 per person
Observatory Hill

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