7 Days trip in Spain

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Spain is a beautiful and diverse country with a rich history, vibrant culture, and friendly people. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, mountains, cities, and delicious cuisine.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Costa del Sol

    240 minutes

    Spend the morning on the beautiful Costa del Sol beach, participating in water sports like jet skiing and kite surfing

  2. Alcazaba of Malaga

    120 minutes

    Explore the historic and beautiful Alcazaba of Malaga, one of Spain's most impressive Moorish fortresses, with stunning views of the city and the sea

  3. Bodega El Pimpi

    120 minutes

    Visit the popular Bodega El Pimpi for local tapas and drinks, while enjoying the lively atmosphere and flamenco music

Day 2

  1. Real Alcazar de Sevilla

    180 minutes

    Discover the stunning Real Alcazar de Sevilla, one of the most beautiful palaces in Spain, with its intricate architecture and lush gardens

  2. Mercado de Triana

    120 minutes

    Explore the vibrant Mercado de Triana, one of the oldest markets in Seville, where you can find fresh local produce and delicious tapas

  3. Tablao El Arenal

    120 minutes

    Spend the evening at Tablao El Arenal, one of the city's best flamenco venues, to enjoy a traditional performance along with dinner

Day 3

  1. Cathedral of Toledo

    180 minutes

    Explore the magnificent Toledo Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that has been around for centuries

  2. Parador de Toledo

    90 minutes

    Have lunch at the Parador de Toledo, a luxurious hotel housed in a former Renaissance convent, for gourmet local cuisine with a view

  3. Cascadas del Tajo

    120 minutes

    Visit the Cascadas del Tajo, a beautiful natural landscape with numerous waterfalls and walking trails, home to a variety of birds and animals

Day 4

  1. Oceanografic Valencia

    240 minutes

    Spend the morning at the impressive Oceanografic Valencia, Europe's largest aquarium, with its marine animals and interactive exhibitions

  2. La Lonja de la Seda

    120 minutes

    Visit the Gothic gem La Lonja de la Seda, Valencia's UNESCO-listed silk exchange, with its stunning architecture and rich history

  3. Ruzafa Neighborhood

    120 minutes

    Explore the trendy Ruzafa neighborhood, known for its eclectic shops, bars, and restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks

Day 5

  1. Park Guell

    180 minutes

    Experience the surreal beauty of Park Guell, Gaudi's famous masterpiece, with its colorful mosaics, unique sculptures, and stunning views

  2. La Rambla

    150 minutes

    Stroll down La Rambla, Barcelona's bustling and historic street, where you can find shops, cafes, and street performers, and try some of the city's famous food

  3. Gothic Quarter

    180 minutes

    Explore the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's oldest and most lively neighborhood, home to historic buildings, charming alleys, and vibrant nightlife

Day 6

  1. Montjuic Castle

    180 minutes

    Visit the historic Montjuic Castle, with its military museum and stunning views of the city, for a glimpse of Barcelona's past and present

  2. El Raval

    120 minutes

    Explore the diverse and multicultural El Raval neighborhood, with its exotic food, street art, and lively atmosphere

  3. Pedralbes Monastery

    120 minutes

    Attend a classical concert at the beautiful Pedralbes Monastery, one of Barcelona's hidden gems, with its Gothic architecture and serene gardens

Day 7

  1. Barceloneta Beach

    180 minutes

    Spend your last day on the famous Barceloneta Beach, soaking up the sun, swimming, and participating in beach volleyball and other activities

  2. Santa Maria del Mar

    90 minutes

    Visit the stunning Santa Maria del Mar, a beautiful Catalan Gothic church, known for its remarkable interior and acoustics

  3. Tapas Tour

    180 minutes

    Go on a tapas tour in the lively El Born neighborhood, with its numerous bars and restaurants, to taste various local dishes and drinks

Estimated Cost (USD)


15-40 per night
60-120 per night
30-100 per night


1-2 per ride
10-20 per ride
Rental Car
40-80 per day


5-10 per meal
Street Food
2-8 per meal
Fancy Meal
30-60 per meal


Beach Activities
Cultural Experiences
5-20 per admission
Outdoor Adventures
20-50 per activity

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