7 Days trip in Portugal

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Portugal is a captivating country with a rich history, diverse landscapes, and a welcoming culture. From its stunning coastline to its historic landmarks, Portugal offers a blend of natural beauty, architectural marvels, and culinary delights. Whether exploring the vibrant city of Lisbon, wandering through ancient towns like Porto or Évora, or basking in the sun on the Algarve's golden beaches, visitors are sure to be captivated by Portugal's charm.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EUR
️ 16.47°C
Best Way to Get Around
Public buses

Day 1

  1. Ponta da Piedade

    120 minutes

    Explore the stunning rock formations and sea arches on a boat tour.

  2. Mercado Municipal

    90 minutes

    Taste fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other delicacies at the local market.

  3. Nox Club

    180 minutes

    Dance to the beats of famous DJs, drink cocktails, and socialize with locals and tourists.

Day 2

  1. Lagos Castle

    120 minutes

    Learn about the history of Lagos and Portugal by visiting the medieval castle.

  2. Meia Praia

    180 minutes

    Swim, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports at this long and wide beach.

  3. Mar D'Estórias

    120 minutes

    Dine on organic and inventive dishes, accompanied by local wine, while admiring art and crafts from all over Portugal.

Day 3

  1. Alvor Boardwalk

    150 minutes

    Walk along the wooden walkway that connects the estuary to the ocean and enjoy the views of dunes, cliffs, and birds.

  2. Casa da Tocha

    120 minutes

    Taste authentic Portuguese cuisine, including grilled sardines, cataplana, and desserts, in a charming rustic house.

  3. Slide & Splash

    240 minutes

    Have fun at the largest water park in Portugal, featuring slides, pools, shows, and a reptile exhibit.

Day 4

  1. Portimão Museum

    120 minutes

    Explore the history of the city, its fishing traditions, and its archeological and architectural heritage at this modern museum.

  2. Vau Beach

    150 minutes

    Relax on a quieter beach with golden sand, crystal waters, and fewer crowds than other nearby beaches.

  3. Faina Bar e Cantina

    120 minutes

    Taste comfort food, cocktails, and live music in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Day 5

  1. Cape St. Vincent

    180 minutes

    Visit the southwesternmost point of Europe, where a lighthouse stands on top of cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. Tonel Beach

    150 minutes

    Surf, swim, or walk on a beautiful beach that attracts both locals and surfers from all over the world.

  3. Praia do Martinhal

    180 minutes

    Find out what the fuss is about when it comes from Portugal's best black pork at a family-run restaurant with ocean views.

Day 6

  1. Tavira Island

    180 minutes

    Take a ferry to a paradise island with 11 km of sand, sea, dunes, and fauna, part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

  2. Casa do Polvo

    120 minutes

    Savor the best grilled octopus in town, served with potatoes, salad, bread, and a glass of wine, at a local restaurant.

  3. Praça da República

    120 minutes

    Join the locals at the main square, where bars, cafes, and restaurants offer live music, karaoke, and outdoor seating.

Day 7

  1. Silves Castle

    120 minutes

    Climb the hill to see the red walls and towers of the Moorish castle, with a view of the city and the river.

  2. Praia da Rocha

    150 minutes

    Explore the most famous beach in Portimão, with cliffs, coves, caves, and a lively promenade.

  3. A Petisqueira

    120 minutes

    Taste the best tasca-style dishes, such as grilled sardines, octopus salad, and garlic shrimp, in a cozy and casual atmosphere.

Estimated Cost (USD)




Public Transportation
1-2 per trip
10-20 per trip
Car Rental
30-50 per day


5-10 per meal
Street Food
3-5 per meal
Fancy Meal
20-40 per meal


Historical Landmarks
5-15 per attraction
Beach Activities
5-20 per activity
Cultural Experiences
10-30 per activity

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