5 Days trip in Egypt

Budget: 0 USD - 3000 USD Food exploration
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Egypt is a North African and Middle Eastern country known for its ancient civilization, historic monuments, and cultural heritage.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to EGP
EGP 30.93
️ 21.42°C
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    120 minutes

    Explore the impressive Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern library with a stunning design that pays tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria.

  2. Fish Market

    90 minutes

    Head to the Fish Market for a fresh and delicious seafood lunch.

  3. Stanley Bridge

    60 minutes

    Take a stroll on the Stanley Bridge during sunset for a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 2

  1. Pharos University

    180 minutes

    Visit Pharos University to learn about the history and culture of Alexandria.

  2. Montazah Palace Gardens

    120 minutes

    Spend the afternoon exploring the beautiful Montazah Palace Gardens with its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  3. Mohamed Ahmed Fish Restaurant

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a mouth-watering seafood dinner at Mohamed Ahmed Fish Restaurant, famous for its grilled fish and spicy shrimp.

Day 3

  1. Pompey's Pillar

    60 minutes

    See the ancient Pompey's Pillar, a Roman triumphal column that stands over 25 meters tall.

  2. Elia

    90 minutes

    Try the Egyptian cuisine for lunch at Elia, with its flavorful dishes like kushari, falafel, and ful medames.

  3. Alexandria National Museum

    120 minutes

    Learn more about the history and culture of Alexandria at the Alexandria National Museum.

Day 4

  1. Qaitbay Citadel

    60 minutes

    Visit the Qaitbay Citadel, a 15th-century fortress that was originally built to protect the city from invaders.

  2. Abou Tarek

    120 minutes

    Try the famous koshari dish at Abou Tarek, a popular restaurant that has been serving it for over 70 years.

  3. Corniche

    90 minutes

    Take a walk on the Corniche, a beautiful promenade that runs along the seafront and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 5

  1. Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque

    60 minutes

    Visit the Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, a beautiful Islamic shrine that dates back to the 18th century.

  2. El Shabrawy

    90 minutes

    Try the local street food like shawarma and kofta at El Shabrawy for lunch.

  3. Roman Amphitheatre

    60 minutes

    Explore the Roman Amphitheatre, an ancient structure that once seated over 800 spectators.

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-20 USD per night
Budget hotel
30-50 USD per night
40-80 USD per night


5-10 USD per ride
0.20-0.50 USD per ride
0.10-0.50 USD per ride


Local street food
1-3 USD per meal
Mid-range restaurant
10-20 USD per meal
Fine dining
30-50 USD per meal


Entrance fee to Bibliotheca Alexandrina
3 USD per person
Visit to Pompey's Pillar
2 USD per person
Visit to Qaitbay Citadel
3 USD per person

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