7 Days trip in Malaysia

Budget: 300 USD - 3000 USD Historical landmarks Nightlife City sightseeing Spa and wellness retreats
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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country located in Southeast Asia. It has a diverse geography, a rich history, and a vibrant economy. The people of Malaysia are known for their friendly and hospitable nature, and the country is famous for its delicious food and cultural festivals.

General Infomation

Exchange Rate of 1 USD to MYR
MYR 4.69
Kuala Lumpur
Best Way to Get Around

Day 1

  1. A'Famosa Fort

    120 minutes

    Visit the iconic A'Famosa fort that dates back to the 16th century and learn about the rich history of Melaka city.

  2. Malacca River Cruise

    60 minutes

    Take a scenic river cruise and enjoy the beautiful views of the city while learning about its history and culture.

  3. Jonker Walk Night Market

    180 minutes

    Explore the bustling night market at Jonker Walk and try some delicious local food while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Day 2

  1. The St. Regis Langkawi

    240 minutes

    Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment at the luxurious St. Regis Langkawi and rejuvenate your mind and body.

  2. Langkawi Sky Bridge

    120 minutes

    Take a cable car ride and visit the spectacular Langkawi Sky Bridge for stunning panoramic views of the island.

  3. Pantai Cenang Beach

    120 minutes

    Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Pantai Cenang Beach while sipping on delicious cocktails and listening to live music.

Day 3

  1. Batu Caves

    120 minutes

    Explore the majestic limestone caves and Hindu temples at Batu Caves.

  2. Petaling Street Market

    180 minutes

    Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the famous Petaling Street Market and haggle for some great deals on souvenirs and street food.

  3. Changkat Bukit Bintang

    180 minutes

    Experience the buzzing nightlife of Kuala Lumpur at the famous Changkat Bukit Bintang street with an abundance of bars, clubs and restaurants.

Day 4

  1. Tamarind Springs Forest Spa

    240 minutes

    Relax your mind and body with a luxurious spa treatment amidst the tranquil beauty of nature at Tamarind Springs Forest Spa.

  2. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

    120 minutes

    Discover the beauty of exotic birds from all around the world at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

  3. Petronas Twin Towers

    180 minutes

    Visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, and marvel at the stunning architecture and beautiful city views.

Day 5

  1. Bukit Gambang Water Park

    240 minutes

    Have a fun day out with water activities like water cannons, pirate ship, water umbrella and many more at Bukit Gambang Water Park.

  2. Kuantan River Cruise

    120 minutes

    Enjoy a scenic river cruise on the Kuantan River, taking in the beautiful views of the city.

  3. Kuantan Esplanade

    180 minutes

    Take a stroll along the Kuantan Esplanade and enjoy the beautiful night views of the city, stop by for some delicious local street food and dance to live music.

Day 6

  1. Perhentian Islands

    360 minutes

    Visit the stunning Perhentian Islands and enjoy picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life.

  2. Kota Bharu Night Markets

    180 minutes

    Explore the vibrant Kota Bharu Night Markets, where you can sample delicious street food, shop for souvenirs and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Day 7

  1. Taman Negara National Park

    360 minutes

    Explore the oldest tropical rainforest in the world at the Taman Negara National Park, with beautiful landscapes and thrilling activities abound.

  2. Jalan Alor Food Street

    180 minutes

    Experience the bustling Jalan Alor Food Street, where you can taste an array of traditional Malaysian dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Estimated Cost (USD)


10-20 USD per night
Budget Hotel
30-50 USD per night
Boutique Hotel
80-100 USD per night


Public Bus/MRT
5 USD per day
15-20 USD per day
Car Rental
40-60 USD per day


Street Food
5-10 USD per meal
Hawker Center
10-15 USD per meal
Fine Dining
50-100 USD per meal


Entrance Fee to Historical Landmarks
5-10 USD per site
Spa and Wellness Retreat
50-100 USD for a full day package
Nightlife Experience
20-50 USD for entrance fee and drinks

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